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Aiper Pool Vacuum: Efficient and Reliable Cleaning

aiper pool vacuum

The Aiper Pool Vacuum is made to clean both in-ground and above-ground pools well. It works without a cord, using a robot. This makes it perfect for many pool sizes and types.

What you see in the pictures on the website might look a bit different from what you receive. That’s because of various reasons like changes for better, or rules to follow. The numbers and info about the vacuum? Those are from Aiper’s tests in labs where everything’s under control. In real use, your results might be a bit different.

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Introducing the Aiper Pool Vacuum

The Aiper Pool Vacuum is perfect for both in-ground and above-ground pools. Its cordless nature avoids tangled cords and gives more freedom.

It can clean many pool sizes and types. This makes pool care easier for everyone.

Cordless and Robotic Design

This pool vacuum works without a cord, changing how we clean pools. It’s not like older methods that need power cords. With no cords, moving it around is simple and quick, making swimming better.

Suitable for In-Ground and Above-Ground Pools

The Aiper Pool Vacuum is great for all pools, in-ground or above-ground. It’s smart enough to clean any pool well. This means your pool always looks its best.

Powerful Quad-Motor System

The Aiper pool vacuum has four motors for deep and efficient clean. It scrubs and vacuums all pool surfaces well.3 This design ensures your pool stays clean with less manual work required.

Deep and Efficient Cleaning

Aiper’s robotic pool cleaners use a unique quad-motor setup for quick and deep cleans in pools up to 3,200 square feet. With this powerful system, your pool shines without you having to do much.

Scrubs Pool Walls and Bottom

The Aiper automatic pool cleaning system carefully cleans walls and bottom. No spot is missed, thanks to its quad-motor design. This lets it clean efficiently and thoroughly.

Aiper pushes the boundaries with the Seagull Pro, the first robot cleaner to have four motors. It can clean for three hours straight and even climb pool walls, making it stand out.

Easy to Use and Maintain

The Aiper Pool Vacuum is all about making life simple. It comes with an automatic cleaning feature. This lets the device work on its own, saving you time and effort. There are three cleaning options to pick from: Auto (cleans floor and walls), floor only, and wall only. Choose what’s best for your pool.

Automatic Pool Cleaning

The Aiper Pool Vacuum does the hard work without you watching. This lets you take care of other things while your pool stays clean.

Removable Filter Basket for Easy Cleaning

Cleaning the Aiper Pool Vacuum is a breeze thanks to its removable filter basket. With easy access to the basket, maintaining the vacuum is hassle-free. It keeps working well without taking up too much of your time.

Large Cleaning Coverage

The Aiper Pool Vacuum can clean pools up to 4300 square feet. This makes it perfect for many types of in-ground or above-ground pools. It ensures all pool sizes get cleaned well, offering a great solution for pool owners.

Cleans Pools Up to 4300 sq. ft.

The Aiper Pool Vacuum reaches far, working on pools both small and big. It can clean up to 4300 square feet, perfect for various pool sizes. This gives pool owners a thorough and effective cleaning solution.

aiper pool vacuum: Energy-Efficient and Low Maintenance

The Aiper Pool Vacuum is built to use less energy and need little looking after. It automates cleaning. This means no more manual vacuuming. It also means less need to backwash your pool filter often. As a result, less chemicals are necessary for the pool. It clears out dirt, debris, and other bad stuff from the water. This leaves your pool healthier and easier to keep clean.

Saves Time and Water

The Aiper Pool Vacuum saves you time and cuts down on water use. It doesn’t need you to vacuum your pool manually. This lets you have more free time or focus on other pool tasks. Plus, you don’t have to backwash as often. This makes it a friend of both the environment and your wallet.

Reduces Chemical Usage

With its strong cleaning power, the Aiper Pool Vacuum lowers the need for pool chemicals. It pulls out dirt and debris from your pool, keeping it in good balance. This means you won’t have to use as many chemicals.7 So, you spend less money on chemicals and your pool is a safer place for everyone.

Smart Connectivity and Automation

The Aiper Pool Vacuum is not your average cleaner. It brings top-notch smart features for pool owners. This makes it easy to manage pool cleaning from home. A simple remote control puts the power in your hands.

It’s also smart home ready. This lets it blend with your home’s smart systems, fitting your needs perfectly. Now, keeping your pool spotless is as simple as adjusting your home’s settings.

Remote Control and Scheduling

With the Aiper Pool Vacuum, managing your pool is a breeze. A remote control lets you clean when you want, without watching it. Adjusting the cleaning settings is a snap too, ensuring it works perfectly for your pool.

Compatibility with Smart Home Systems

This smart cleaner also syncs with your smart home systems. So, you can supervise pool cleaning through your phone or any connected gadget. This makes pool care easier and more automated than ever.

By using smart tech, the Aiper Pool Vacuum joins your home’s automation. It simplifies your backyard duties, leaving you more time to enjoy your pool.

aiper pool vacuum connectivity

Durable and Long-Lasting Design

The Aiper Pool Vacuum is made to last, built for the great outdoors. It’s tough against pool chemicals. Its strong design keeps it working well for a long time. This makes it a top choice for those who need a reliable cleaner.

Built for Outdoor Environments

This vacuum handles outdoor challenges like sun, rain, and changing temperatures well. It’s built tough with materials that keep working in any pool. So, it’s a trustworthy option for anyone needing a durable cleaner.

Withstands Pool Chemicals

The Aiper Pool Vacuum can take on pool chemicals, even chlorine, without a problem. Its special parts and materials fight off rust and wear, keeping it strong in chemically treated water. This strength is what makes the Aiper Vacuum a wise pick for any pool owner.

Aiper: Trusted Brand in Pool Cleaning

Aiper is well-known for quality aiper pool vacuum and robotic pool cleaners. They lead in automatic pool cleaning and smart pool cleaning systems. Their robotic pool cleaners are top-notch. They win awards for their cutting-edge design.

Pool owners love their efficient and easy-to-use products. The Aiper Pool Vacuum is a prime example. It shows their dedication to top performance and clever solutions.

Innovative Products for Pool Maintenance

Aiper changes the game with creative products. They make pool care simple and effective. Their automatic cleaners, like the Seagull 1500 and Seagull Pro, are big hits. Customers love their cleaning power and sturdiness.

Aiper keeps improving its lineup. They always bring out the best in pool cleaning tech. This means pool owners get access to the newest, most efficient tools.

Award-Winning Robotic Pool Cleaners

Aiper’s robotic cleaners are top of the line. They win awards for their outstanding performance. The Seagull Pro is especially famous. It’s the first four-motor pool-cleaning robot. It’s known for its excellent cleaning, including climbing walls, and its long-lasting battery. Aiper strives to be the best in innovation and customer care. This commitment has earned them the trust of many pool owners looking for quality and reliable cleaning solutions.

Product Specifications and Features

The Aiper Pool Vacuum brings top-notch features for a great clean. It’s perfect for both in-ground and above-ground pools, covering up to 4300 square feet.

This vacuum works without cords and has a smart quad-motor system. It means your pool can be clean without you doing much. Plus, it’s tough against pool chemicals and outdoor use.

Feature Specification
Cleaning Coverage Up to 4300 sq. ft.
Motor System Powerful Quad-Motor
Design Cordless, Robotic
Energy Efficiency Energy-Saving Operation
Connectivity Smart Connectivity and Automation
Durability Durable and Long-Lasting Construction

The Aiper Pool Vacuum is a solid choice for most pools. It’s versatile and helps keep your pool sparkling clean.

aiper pool vacuum

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Aiper is getting great feedback for its Aiper Pool Vacuum. People say it cleans well, cutting down on manual pool work. This makes pool upkeep easier and less time-consuming. Besides, customers love how easy it is to use and how it saves energy. It’s a hit because of these features, adding to customer happiness.

One happy buyer mentioned the vacuum’s strong cleaning power. They said, “The Aiper Vacuum keeps my pool spotless better than manual cleaning. I’m thrilled it’s hassle-free and cordless.” Others, like a second buyer, were unsure about robotic cleaners at first. But the Aiper brightened their view, making pool care simpler for above-ground pools.

Users also enjoy its smart features. One person remarked, “I love setting and controlling it from afar. It’s a big time-saver, letting me have a clean pool without effort.” Another praised it for being kind to the environment and saving money. They said, “This vacuum slashes energy use, which is good for the planet and my finances.”

The Aiper Pool Vacuum scores high among its users for being top-notch in cleaning, easy to use, and reliable. The excellent feedback shows it’s just what pool owners need for stress-free and efficient cleaning.

Comparison with Other Robotic Pool Cleaners

The Aiper Pool Vacuum is special among robotic pool cleaners because of its powerful quad-motor system13. It handles both in-ground and above-ground pools. Plus, it’s designed to last, which is good news for anyone who wants their pool clean efficiently year after year.

Feature Aiper Seagull SE Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus
Price $300 $899
Cleaning Cycle Time 90 minutes 2 hours
Cleaning Coverage Floor Floor, Walls
Maximum Pool Size 40 x 20 feet rectangular, 30-foot diameter Up to 50 feet
Usage Time on One Charge 90 minutes N/A
Charge Time 2.5 hours N/A
Weight Less than Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Around 20 pounds
Rating 4.8/5 5/5
Suggested Pool Type Above-ground and In-ground In-ground

Comparing the Aiper Seagull SE to the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus, there are notable differences. The Aiper Seagull SE costs $300, making it more affordable. In contrast, the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus is pricier at $899. Although the Nautilus CC Plus can clean longer, for 2 hours, the Aiper Seagull SE is lighter and offers a shorter 90-minute cleaning cycle. Also, the Nautilus CC Plus cleans walls, but the Aiper Seagull SE only cleans the floor. It’s important to note that the Nautilus CC Plus is better for bigger pools, up to 50 feet, than the Aiper Seagull SE, which suits up to a 40 x 20 feet pool.

The Aiper Seagull SE is cordless, providing 90 minutes of operation per charge and takes 2.5 hours to fully recharge. On the contrary, the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus relies on a cord and doesn’t share its power needs. The Seagull SE is also lighter than the Nautilus CC Plus, which weighs about 20 pounds

In performance and ratings, the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus shines with a top score of 5/5. Yet, the Aiper Seagull SE impresses with a strong 4.8/5. The CC Plus is great at wall cleaning, while the Seagull SE might need more oversight due to its more limited reach. However, the Seagull SE can clean while the pool is being used.

Overall, the Aiper Seagull SE and Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus have a lot to offer. The Seagull SE is a penny-wise choice, and the CC Plus provides extensive cleaning for larger pools. Choosing one depends on factors like pool size, cleaning needs, and budget.

Where to Buy and Pricing

The Aiper Pool Vacuum is for sale on the Aiper website, and in stores and online.3 It’s now available for $549.99, marked down from $899.99. You get free shipping and returns. Plus, it’s covered by a two-year warranty.

Buying now could save you up to $459.48. The prices fall between $630 and $1089.48. You might also find it for $629.98, saving $280. The Aiper Seagull Pro model costs $899.99.

Want more info or the latest price? Visit Aiper’s site or contact their customer service. Orders over $79 in the contiguous US ship for free. Plus, you have a 30-day return window. Aiper’s warranty goes up to 24 months. They even promise to help you for life at [email protected].

Product Models Prices
Seagull SE $299.99
Seagull Plus $399.99
Elite Pro $799.99
Seagull Pro $899.99

The Seagull Pro works well in pools that are up to 3,200 square feet. It can clean in three ways: only the floor, just the walls, or both. This model also boasts a quad-motor design, which means it cleans very effectively.

CES 2023 Innovation Award Honoree: Aiper Seagull Pro

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The Aiper Pool Vacuum is great for both in-ground and above-ground pools. It has a strong quad-motor system and can clean up to 4300 sq. ft. It is designed to be efficient and easy to use. With its reliable build quality and long lifespan, it’s a smart buy for anyone who wants a clean pool with less work.

Aiper’s robotic pool vacuums are top-notch in cleaning. They have strong suction and navigate smartly. This ensures your pool is always clear. Setting them up is easy because they come with clear instructions. What’s more, they use less power. This saves you money on running costs while keeping your pool spotless.

The Aiper Pool Vacuum stands out in the robotic pool cleaner world. It offers advanced features, reliable cleaning, and it’s easy to run. It can even be controlled with your phone. With its convenient features, like scheduling cleanings, it gives pool owners more freedom. Plus, it comes with a good warranty. This means you can rely on it for a long time for a worry-free pool cleaning solution.

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